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No More Falls

This is one of those days where everything that I see is pointing to what I need to change. The irony is that I already know what I need to change but I just can’t seem to get me to cooperate and move in the right direction.

Procrastination and laziness have dominated my work life. Occasionally I hit my deadlines with out any real struggle. More often than not I’m struggling until the wee hours trying to get done what I should have gotten done a week before. This weekend my procrastination caught up with me and caused me to be late on everything. Why is not important. That I let it happen is the only real story.

Every morning I get a couple of daily devotionals. One of them today said that I don’t have to fall into this path any more. Today I am free from stumbling around. All I have to do is be diligent in my pursuit of what I know to do. I can’t help but giggle. I KNOW I need to be diligent. I’m just not.

I was reading a post over at Freelance Gigs about a renegade muse and it reinforced the devotional. There is always an excuse for not doing what I need to do. But it is only when I make myself do it that I am free from falling.

I have a schedule that I am determined to follow. I may have started out a few minutes behind this morning, but I’m not going to let that be another excuse to give up and fall down. I’m determined to press forward with all diligence until I reach my destination!

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