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How I Broke Through My Walls

I broke through with one revelation. I stopped expecting others to do it for me. I stopped EXPECTING my family to clean the house. I stopped EXPECTING my friends to shout out my praises. I stopped EXPECTING that next connection to provide me with the launch I needed.

I shifted my expectations to me.

Before I go on, I want to make something clear. My family does clean around the house and help out with the chores. We each do our part and we are a team in this journey. It is together that we get it done.

My friends tell people about what I do and where they can find me. They share my posts and my links and my books. They support me in this journey – each one in their own unique way.

The connections I have made throughout this process have grown up to serve a purpose – and many have grown into lasting relationships. They have provided me tips and suggestions and even major AHA moments. They have blessed me and I pray that in turn I have been a blessing to them as well.

Despite all that my family does and all that my friends do and all that the connections make happen – they will never be the answer to my journey. They can never come along and break down my walls.

That was what I was waiting for – for someone ELSE to make what I wanted into a reality. I was waiting for someone else to take my gifts and my talents and my abilities and format them into my unique purpose.

The moment I shifted my expectations squarely on my shoulders, the walls began to crumble.

Break Down Those Walls
Break Down Those Walls


The Truth about the Walls Holding Me Back

    1. I built the walls. It turns out that most of the walls around me are of my own creation. I put one excuse (or reason) on top of another one until I was surrounded.

    The moment I took my stand and shifted my expectations, the walls began to tumble down.

    2. You don’t have my answer. I can learn from you but you can’t fix my journey for me.

    Choosing to see this truth released me from the excuses that I had wrapped around me.

    3. It may not be easy but it will be simple. The complications happen when I choose to add them on. The reality of the journey is that it is simple.

    When I brush aside the piled on complications then I see, understand, and can move forward in the simplistic truth.

The only walls holding me back are my walls. If I make the choice to knock them down then I will knock them down. I am as free as I decide that I am going to be.

Be blessed,


What are the walls holding you back from your BIG DREAM goals?

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