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How to Overcome the Believer Shoving You in a Box

The people in my news feed warn of the limitations and restrictions THEY are trying to put on believers. It is important to be informed and alert. The enemy does come to steal, to kill, and to destroy.

The enemy doesn’t care how.

Nobody shoves believers in a box faster than other believers. These believers have been known to shove God in their restrictive boxes.

“This car stands as a status symbol for greed and wealth and therefore no symbol of faith should ever be represented on it.”

This declaration came to me recently. Although I may have the wording a little different, the concept holds true.

The one sharing the declaration had decided and therefore it was.

He demanded any refutations of his declaration be in the form of the Word. Not just any Word, but his understanding and interpretation of the Word.

He refuted any responses with his own analogies – often repeating the same ones to stand against a variety of comments.

He believed what he believed and it was so.

We all believe what we believe. That is why our journey of Faith has to be personal. As the personal relationship to the Word, in the Word, and through the Word grows, so will beliefs. Wisdom has a way of making the things which we thought we understood seem like foolishness.

dare to believe

Ten years ago, I would have found him and personally engaged in a “discussion” of why he was wrong. Two years ago, I would have commented the Scripture that pointed to why he was wrong. Two months ago, I would have privately engaged with him in an effort to get him to understand why he was wrong.

Today, I understand that for him, he is right. And for him, that is okay.

As a believer, I don’t have to get everyone else to believe as I believe. When we are honest, we are never in a position to get anyone to do anything.

Each one of us has to make the choice. Each one of us has to learn and grow. Each one of us has to believe what we believe.

I don’t want to reside in a box, so the last thing I should do is demand that you reside in a box I created.
out of the box
Today, I let his words stay where they were and moved on with my life. All I can do is be the best reflection of the Word that I can be. To do that, I have to be more invested in the Word than I am in the workings, the doings, and the words of others.

Be wary of what others tell you is right or wrong. You are on your unique journey. You will have steps they will never understand – sometimes because it is not their place and sometimes because they don’t want to understand (they prefer to believe what they want to believe).

Dare to accept that others can believe whatever and it does not restrict or dictate your journey. Invest in the Word and grow up the relationship that will make the difference for your life and in this world.

Be blessed,
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