Keys to a Good Home

I am no June Cleaver. There has never been any desire in any part of my body to vacuum my house in a dress, heels, and pearls. Making my bed every morning is something I have only recently mastered (and I usually just get out of bed first so my husband has to do it).

Homemaker skills were not passed on to me from generation to generation and are skills I continually work to perfect. I have the cooking part down on most days (except with fish – fish and I have issues), but I have to coax myself into washing the dishes that I use to cook. When I leave the dishes stacked up in the sink they have a tendency to multiple into an overflowing mound. I avoid the kitchen when that occurs.

Growth is something I do desire, so I have started doing things that will force me to stretch and to be more.

    • Have company over on a regular basis. Knowing others will see my home keeps me accountable to keep it clean. I am not going for the “unlived in” look, not with three active boys, but I do want people to be able to stop in without having to step over piles or move piles to sit down.

    • Volunteer to lead a bible study. This may seem like it has nothing to do with having a good, orderly home, but God has a way of working things into any study that you might pick up. I discovered in the first group that I lead that I was an example to those around me. I now try to think before I react, say or do, “what kind of example will I be?”

    • Accept that you are a role model. Someone looks up to your walk RIGHT NOW – where you are. It may be your children or that cashier at your local grocery store. Forget about big brother, people are watching you to discover the right walk.

    • Do a little every chance that you get. Thirty minutes worth of cleaning in the morning and evening go a long way towards keeping your house ship shape.

    • Do it as you go. “If you kick it or step on it then pick it up and put it in its home.” That one rule has saved me hours of clean up. BUT this rule also goes for my cooking. Doing the dishes as I cook makes it easier to do the dishes and keeps my kitchen ready for the next round.

Keeping a good house requires more than housekeeping skills. A good, warm house comes from a Proverbs life and that Proverbs life springs directly from the heart. Plant the good, the positive and the uplifting in your heart and you will see the benefits of a good home sprouting soon.

The little things can end up being the big thing that makes THE difference in your journey.

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