4 Steps to Think Your Way to Money

My father is a salesman, has been for as long as I can remember, and may have been born with a gene that helps him be persuasive. My brothers and I can all sell anything if we set our mind to it. It could be because we were surrounded with sales and techniques from early one, but I still say there is something genetic to it as well.

I was introduced to books like The One Minute Salesman and Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude almost as soon as I started reading. Dale Carnegie and Zig Ziglar were household words, and I even had the opportunity to attend some of their programs.

Now that I have my own home and family (and no of us are salesman per se) I still have a copy of many of the books I was introduced to so long ago. Recently, I started opening them again. I remembered why my father had placed such value on these books, and why after all these years they methods (and the people) are still so popular. Self-help books (programs and seminars) really can make you rich. There are just a few things required of you.

1. You have to be ready and willing to change and eager to learn. Most people don’t read self-help material for the entertainment value. Reading the books (or attending seminars) is just a way to meet the hunger for something different.

2. You have to be willing to act on what you learn. Knowledge is useless unless action is applied. And wealth will not find its way to your door (no matter how many books you read) if you don’t get moving and do something to bring it there.

3. You have to look for (and find) the silver lining in every day. Wealth likes to hang around positive people – so does everyone else for that matter. Start training your mouth to speak positive things by repeating positive things until they become natural.

4. You have to train your mind to look for new opportunities. There are so many success stories of people who became wealthy just because they were willing to think outside the box. Take 15 minutes each day to think about your goals and how you can meet them in new and different ways.

5. You have to learn to trust and believe in a higher power. All truly successful people will tell you that they did not get there on their own.

Your success depends on you – not on your job, not on your education, not even on your abilities. If you can dream it, and you are willing to put the energy into reaching for that dream then you can become it – what ever that it may be.

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