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  1. Kathryn- Aren’t you sweet to include me in this incredible list of people. Stepping out can be hard, but is so important for growth in all areas of life.

    You know what else I believe is important? Connectors- people like you who will go out of their way to connect friends and colleagues when there is no direct benefit to themselves.

    So, thanks for connecting me at the Ya’ll Connect conference. It’s much easier to step out when there are friends around for support.

    Best, Laurie

    1. Laurie,

      Your energy and determination were a great inspiration for me. And you are so right – having others to support you in the journey makes it easier. Y’all are definitely that for me.

      Be blessed,


  2. It also helps to be just a little bit stupid. I say this with complete sincerity: Had I known that getting a conference off the ground would be one of the toughest moments in my life, I would’ve likely never done it.

    My ignorance got me into it, my hard work and my super team got me to where we are now.

    Thanks for your insights, Kathryn!

    1. Hey Wade – I think in some things you are right, that not having the negatives makes it easier to push forward. And I also think passion – for helping others, for reaching a goal, for being your uniqueness – also can be a powerful weapon (which I think you have in spades 😀 ). No matter the what or the why – we have to be bold enough to step.

      Thanks for stopping by Growing HOPE and for stepping so boldly.

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