Beckoning the Elusive Muse

Inspiration avoids me on some days. There are times when I can almost see it out of my peripheral view, but when I turn around to face that direction the muse has dissipated. This morning I was having a missing muse moment and shared with a friend who mentioned that it would be nice if we could beckon an elusive muse. It’s great when a friend becomes the inspiration that I need to create the words that have been hiding on the edge of my thoughts.

Capturing a Muse

    1. Practice makes perfect. My husband acts (and I don’t just mean he acts up). We were in a couple of performances together after we were first married. I never once heard one of the actors say “I can’t go on because my muse is missing.” Actors practice what they are going to do until it becomes second nature. The muse never leaves because the actor IS the muse. Writing every day (whether I feel like writing or not) will help me become the muse as well.

    2. Build friendships with other artists and self motivators. These are the ones that will give you the boost of energy, inspiration and motivation just when you need it the most.

    3. Do something different that is also creative. Build block cities with the kids, paint a picture, make a craft or just dance around the room to your favorite song. Creativity begets creativity and so it goes when you are struggling to get writing.

    4. Follow your passion. The things that you believe in, support and love will drive you to write more and better and usually faster than anything else you can come up with to write. Passion pours out over to the readers and then they want more as well!

The only magic component to finding and keeping a muse around is doing what works for you. Sit and watch the sun beams flicker on the creek outside your window. Watch the reflection from the dog’s water bowl dance on the ceiling. Listen to your toddler sing commercial jingles with the wrong words. Inspiration does not hide. It sits everywhere just waiting to be noticed by those with a keen eye for detail.

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