The Gauntlet is Thrown

I committed a couple of weeks back to get rid of my excess weight and to be health and fit once again. Today my husband took that commitment to a whole new level – one that involves public display, YIKES!

The conversation started out safe enough. He was telling me all about how he was on the committee for the church’s Christmas production. His passion is for drama, so he was practically giddy. He stopped for a while to eat his supper and then turned to me with the dreaded words. “Oh, I almost forgot.”

Before he could go any farther, I jokingly commented “as long as the next statement does not involve the words I, volunteered, or you – in roughly that order.” His apologetic grin told me that my joke was no joke.

It took him a few more minutes, but the truth finally came out. He had told the rest of the committee that I was a ballroom dance instructor in my college days AND they suggested he and I do the ballroom dance for the Christmas show.

That means in roughly 10 weeks I am supposed to get in front of hundreds of people and dance. If that’s not a reason to stay committed to my weight loss then I don’t know what it. By the way, is it possible to lose 8 pounds a week? 😀

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