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Build a Writing Career

Taking Steps to Build a Writing Career

Stepping out to build a writing career based on my own products came in part to surrounding circumstances and in part to stubborn determination. Now I have to continue to grow and expand my writing platform to launch the budding career into a full blooming business. Steps to Build a Writing Career – Sign up […]

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Questions and Answers for Writing

The Christian Writers Forum offers great encouragement, support and wisdom to writers at all levels. It always amazes me when other writers turn to me for some of that wisdom. I have been a writer for just over five years now, but I still feel like I am only beginning the journey. Questions from One […]

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Freelance Writing Tips – Creating More Success

No career choice is easy. There will be challenges for any direction – some physical, some emotional and some mental. Freelance writing or any freelance career is no different from a traditional success path. It takes work, determination, consistency, confidence and focus. Work A freelance writer has to be willing to work – that’s the […]

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