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Importance of Uniqueness from WordCamp Birmingham

I talk a lot about finding your uniqueness because it’s a powerful foundation to build. When you know you then it becomes almost impossible for someone to talk you out of your lane. Your steps become more intentional. Your focus gets more honed. You are a bold and powerful force when you embrace your uniqueness.

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A Little About Kathryn

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My dad will tell you that I did not talk until I was two and that once I started, I never stopped. Playing with words has always provided me with joy, but location and limitations – including my own fear – held me back from pursuing words.

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For years, microphones made me break out in hives. I would talk to a group with confidence unless someone held up a microphone for me to use. Microphones sent me cowering to the corner. I realized that if I wanted to share my words with others then I would have to face my own fears first. Although microphones still make me jumpy – having something yell at you in that way will do that – I am learning to understand and even conquer the technology.

I have never done things normal and I never intend to start. Being normal is over-rated. We are all unique and if being my unique self leaves others declaring, “You aren’t normal,” then sign me up.

My peculiar attitude joined forces with my microphone-fearing-overcoming attitude. Together they have helped me create my unique path. Sharing words of hope, encouragement, and purpose keeps me focused on the possibilities and rarely the problems.

I use words to kick down boxes, build solid foundations, and stand strong even through the storm. More importantly, I use words to dare you to do the same.

The developments in the internet and online broadcasting have opened up a whole new world for other speaking opportunities. The spread of internet radio and terrestrial radio over the internet has made it possible for small-town Alabama to reach the world.

The blocks and hindrances to my words have been pushed aside. Now I just have to take the steps to keep pursuing my dream of sharing words.

I know that each one of us is called to live a unique life in purpose and on purpose. Through each of the talks and presentations I provide, I challenge you to use the information to find your voice and make your own way.


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Growing HOPE

A dash of hope makes everything possible. When #GrowingHOPE radio started in 2013, the goal was to splash a dash of hope and encouragement in the lives of listeners. Not much has changed with the words since the first day. I offer words of hope with a dash of twisted encouragement.

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Why Me?

I am determined to help you unlock the foundation of encouragement that will launch you into your dreams! I am uniquely designed by God to lift up, stir up, and cheer up His children. I have the natural (and nurtured) abilities to bring out Hope and encouragement in others. I find ways to peel back the complexity of the world and reveal that simple idea planted by God from the beginning. I help others find hope in their storms. I am the fire that ignites hope. I am the tornado that stirs up the faith.

What Others Have to Say About Kathryn

After her (Kathryn Lang’s) presentation, I was motivated to really try to connect with others, create relationships with my connections, and see how I can help out the people around me. – on It’s ALL About Relationships.

– Steven

Steven Vinson
WordCamp Birmingham – WP Y’all – 2014
Birmingham, Alabama

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Kathryn Lang inspired me to achieve my desires and never to give up what I love the most. She motivated me to try even harder when things are looking rough. – on Living Out Your Passion.

– Sayra

Sayra – student
Albertville High School
Albertville, Alabama

Potential Topics

You can create your world domination and define a plan that will work for you.
The key for me was keeping it simple and tackling little bits at a time – because simple is easier and little bits add up to big differences. So, we are keeping it simple – eight steps, including four squares.
You have a book in you, and together we will create the habits that will let you tell your story.

Can be presented as a workshop or as an 8 week course.

You have something to say – find your unique voice for your words and then develop creative and powerful ways to put your words to work

Simple ideas for finding your voice
Quick Tips for getting the words down
Turn scripts/blogs into ebooks.
Turn ebooks into print books.
Turn blogs into to memes.
Turn podcasts into blog posts.

Be creative in adjusting your words to work within a niche and you will find that your words work for you instead of you having to work so hard for your words.
The Key to a Good Plan is Flexibility – Make a plan with goals written in concrete but steps written in sand.

Kathryn Speaks on Finding Your Way at WordCamp Birmingham