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Consistency AND Relationships for Blogging Success

Writing a Successful Blog

Blogging consistently should make a difference. Most of the experts I encountered impressed on me the importance of being consistent with content. Blogging should be all about relationships. Most of the experts I encountered impressed on me the value of building relationships if I want to grow writing success. I determined to find out who […]

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Follow a Recipe to Successful Blogging

Recipe for Successful Blogging

Great blogging happens like great cooking – you can read all of the great recipes for success and study under the experts but until you start cooking nothing will get done. I have written articles for my own site and for other sites about how to blog with success. I have led talks about building […]

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Blogathon Bash

Join the Biannual Blogathon Bash

The Biannual Blogathon Bash kicked off this morning. The kids refused to cooperate. My husband bemoaned the need to have time to do his studies. If there was something else that could have topped my “this was not on my list” cake, I have no idea what it could have been. I had plans – […]

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bridge to blogging success lies in building relationships

Building Relationships or Building a Blog

My journey into the blogging world began with a blog that had no focus, no direction and no purpose other than to give me a place to post all of the things swirling around in my head. Guidance from other online writers and techies helped me narrow down my niche. I also added more blogs […]

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