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Catching Up with the Behinds

It might be easier for me to get everything done if it wasn’t for the fact that there was so much to do. Every day brings new challenges and exciting ventures that are stumped by the fact that there is real, paying work to be done – that doesn’t even TOUCH on the household chores […]

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Organizing the Home

Organization is not in my genes. I was one of those people who had a clean pile of clothes, a pile of clothes that could be worn again, and a pile of clothes that could get up and walk to the laundry room on their own. Once a year I would organize my room and […]

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Getting It Together

The list for today is filled out and I think I may actually be able to complete all of the items I have on there. It is a far cry from the 18 hours of writing I had listed yesterday – but it is still a full day of work. Balancing this schedule and the […]

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