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Crafting Tales and Catching Stories

I remember enjoying the crisp fall day. I remember a squirrel barking at something from his perch in the tree near the porch. I remember the breeze sending a rain of yellow leaves down on the lawn. That is all that I remember until I woke up in the crate. The dampness of the crate […]

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Building a Spring of Encouragement

Being encouraging requires a positive attitude and an up-lifting focus. It can be tough being an encouragement when the people around you are sucking your own encouragement spring dry (without making any deposits of encouragement into your spring of positive thinking). The good news comes when you discover that your encouragement and your ability to […]

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Writing Dream – Real or Mirage

Passion drives my writing or writing releases my passion. There are those days when I can not be sure which came first (although most days I believe it was the chicken). Opportunities have come up and I have followed through but I am not where I think I need to be with my writing. It […]

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