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wrestling control from circumstances 9-9-14

Overcoming Circumstances – a Lesson on Growth from Mushrooms

Refuse to allow circumstances to dictate your growth. Circumstances can change in a moment. You can move from the circumstances with the right twist or turn. The moment circumstances have control they will rule and once they have taken root they can be tough to remove. [tweetthis]The moment I give circumstances control they will rule.[/tweetthis] […]

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shaking hands

Building Relationships to Support Success

Making connections will create a foundation for your success, but growing those connections up into relationships will provide you with the walls that will hold your success firm in its place. I have been blessed to encounter some great connections over the last several years – as I have reached out through social media, conferences […]

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Yall Connect to Reach Your Success

Everything that you do in life – business, family, church, and anything else you can imagine – all begins and ends with relationships. Relationships are the foundation that grow the opportunities to produce the fruit. Relationships provide the fuel (motivation and inspiration) to keep the momentum going. Relationships offer the support and comfort for getting […]

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Reach out to Build Relationships

Join In to Grow Relationships

The running theme through my life of late (in business and personal situations) revolves around relationships. It is not just whom you know, but how you know them and how you choose to foster that knowing. Six degrees of separation – or even one or two – will not give me the desired effect that […]

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