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Grow to God – Thoughts on Becoming His Design

No more changes. The bruises and scrapes my past had left brought me to a stalemate. If there was something different someone wanted then he would just have to go somewhere else. To paraphrase a semi-famous philosopher, “I was who I was and that’s all that I was.” This is the person that my husband […]

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Top 20 Lessons Gleaned from Children

The best lessons that I have learned have come from children and I learn more each and every day. It seems that they spout wise words, give great examples or else cause me to say something to them that teaches me about my own. Learning sneaks up on me some days and reminds me that […]

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Think Fast

There are plenty of scripture that point in the direction of a fast. A fast is used to bring focus to my walk and my purpose and it goes well beyond abstaining from food or other items. Steps to a Fast 1. Pray about the purpose. There should be a reason for a fast that […]

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Creating a Spiritual Plan

A plan is a good idea – no matter if you are going on vacation, putting together a party or just laying out the future of your spiritual life. Putting together a plan for a purpose in life does not have to be difficult or painful and only requires answering a few questions. Questions for […]

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