Top 20 Lessons Gleaned from Children

The best lessons that I have learned have come from children and I learn more each and every day. It seems that they spout wise words, give great examples or else cause me to say something to them that teaches me about my own. Learning sneaks up on me some days and reminds me that the only way I can fail at fulfilling my purpose is to stay where I am right now.

Life Lessons from Children

    1. Please and thank you may not always get you what you want but they do always show respect to the people around you and that helps move you along the path to your purpose. These two phrases also bring honor to your home and to your own parents.

    2. Naps should be a part of every day. A short nap refreshes the mind and body and gives you the energy to take on the rest of the day.

    3. Picking up when you are through with something will help you keep things tidy and help you find what you want when you want it.

    4. Laughter really is the best medicine. A good laugh will drive away the rain, bring healing to a broken heart (or body) and make the task seem easier.

    5. Playing is always more fun than working so make a game out of whatever job you are doing.

    6. Pancakes are better when you can help someone else make them.

    7. Fun is a choice. Anything can be fun if you choose to make it fun.

    8. Fresh fruits and vegetables taste good – if you think they are a treat or a special snack and not something that you HAVE to eat.

    9. Imagination should be handled with care. It can lift you to the highest cloud when treasured or it can drag you to the deepest depths when squashed.

    10. Forgiveness requires forgetfulness. Forgetting past hurts creates the ability to make a new future.

    11. Help out your brother. Helping others with big or small tasks helps your own heart and mind.

    12. Sharing makes more of everything – more fun, more opportunities and more friends.

    13. Play can not wait. The game or movie can be taped but darkness calls an end to play time. Play now while the light is still strong.

    14. Do it now. Following through on a request right now shows that you are listening to others and that you respect them. Do it the first time around.

    15. Get a buddy. Things are easier and safer when you have someone else around to pick you up when you fall or help you out when you have trouble.

    16. Singing lifts everything up a level and makes the time go faster. Make up your own words to a familiar tune, sing along to the radio or just sing along to a tune in your head.

    17. Things are better when you have to wait to get them. Homemade ice cream, the cookies in the oven or Christmas all have a special quality because you can’t have them RIGHT NOW.

    18. My attitude can not be dictated by other people. I chose to act the way I act. The other people are just and excuse for me to behave the way I want. Choose to have a positive attitude by finding the good in any situation.

    19. A schedule is a good thing. Knowing when, where and why makes it easier to plan a day and enjoy the rest of the time.

    20. There is no substitute for spending time with the people that we love. Hanging out with family, playing with friends and doing things with them all helps to build confidence to face the world.

It seems that children are not the only ones learning and growing. There is so much more that I have to grasp and follow through with in my own life. The lessons that I have learned from my children are just some of those things that I still have to perfect in my own walk.

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    • Naps are a very good thing. Up until my children began approaching the teen years we had nap time in our home every day. Now that they are getting to a place where they need even more sleep I may just put it back into play. 😀