Writing Challenge for November 7

Writing provides an outlet to the stream of words constantly flowing through my mind. It helps me to stay focused on the task at hand instead of having to wander around all of those loose words. Writing allows me to live the life that I have always dreamed possible.

Why do you write?

Understanding the need behind the words can do more for your writing journey than any other class. What gifts, talents or interests drive your desire to write? Begin to reign in the reasons and you will have the beginnings of the path to your own freelance writing success.

November 7 Writing Challenge

Take some time to discover the reason that you write. Make a list of all the things that drive your writing – both fiction and non-fiction. Dig deep and be honest.

Use the list that you have created to write a short biography of the person that you see in the list. It can be funny or serious. Be sure to post a link back to the challenge so that we can all share comments and suggestions on each other’s websites. You can also include your “bio” in the comment if you do not yet have your own website.

This challenge will help you understand a little about your reasons for writing, but let it also be a chance to send your creative juices flowing!

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