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DIY Repurpose and Organize

It can be done – whatever your “it” might be. It just takes a little bit of planning, a little bit of effort and a little bit of investment to make it work out. As part of my 8 Week Health and Wellness Challenge, I have been tackling projects around the house and around the […]

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pallet furniture fun day 1

Pallets, Spools and Crafts – Oh, My

Today my husband humored me as I jumped back into my crafting and DIY days. There was a time when a pile of wood, old tile and paint would have forced me to do something with them. With the passage of time, and the onset of third child, I tucked that side away. It has […]

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Getting Focused 5-9-14

Determined to Focus

I started this morning online – which I try not to do because that often leads to more social media than I intend. I needed to check the radar since the wind was picking up and the clouds were dark . . . and social media is RIGHT THERE, so I checked it while I […]

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we can if we will

30 Day Family Challenge

The challenge for me when it comes to weight loss, decluttering or generally any life changing actions is that I refuse to hold me accountable. I accept my excuses – and even help me come up with some. I relate closely to the struggles I am going through so I always lean towards forgiveness. I […]

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Running Walls or Running the Race

My cat got a plastic bag wrapped around her back paw. I did not witness the initial encounter, but I got to see the aftermath. She had never been fond of plastic bags. The sound of one rattling would send her scurring from the room. Having a plastic bag chase her had turned her into […]

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Adjustments allow you to dodge bullets.

Learning to Adjust to Life

Boxes of stuff fill my office, front porch and back porch crying out to be put away. Dirty piles of laundry cover the living room floor demanding to be washed. Used dishes overflow the sink screaming to be cleaned just so they can be used again in the next round of cooking. You have to […]

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