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Writing Despite the Tough Times

Just over two years ago, my writing income supplemented our household income by several thousand dollars a month. We were in a position to pay down debts and even build up some savings – which turned out to be a good thing. Just over two years ago, my husband left his full time job to […]

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Surviving the Desert

The tough economy has taken its toll on the freelance writing industry. Many companies are cutting back on advertising which means fewer dollars for content writers. But the well is no where near dry. There are still ways that a freelance writer can survive the struggles in this desert. 1. Go to survival mode – […]

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Surviving Tough Times

The economy is tough – jobs are hard to find – and balancing the budget seems almost like a Herculean task. Even a successful freelance writing career can run afoul at times. Learning how to survive the lean times make take a little creativity, a LOT of flexibility and even a touch of tenacity to […]

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