Surviving Tough Times

The economy is tough – jobs are hard to find – and balancing the budget seems almost like a Herculean task. Even a successful freelance writing career can run afoul at times. Learning how to survive the lean times make take a little creativity, a LOT of flexibility and even a touch of tenacity to get you through.

Balancing an Empty Budget

    1. What can you really do with out – at least for the given moment? Cut back expenses to the bare minimum to help you get through the rough times.

    2. Take on an extra job – it may not be a dream job but it can bring in that extra money that can push you over the hump.

    3. Have an “Everything Must Go” Sale – and really try to sell it all. You’ll have less clutter to get in your path and you will have more cash in your wallet.

    4. Ask for a break on your payments. Many companies may have a policy that allows you to skip a couple of payments while you are struggling with your finances. If you take this option it doesn’t hurt your credit and usually won’t cost much (if anything).

The best way to survive the dry times is to plan ahead. Build up a reserve and live off the money you make each month instead of living off what you hope to bring in. When tough times show up you will be prepared with a reserve of finances and a well developed budget.

Many of us are a step behind on the process. The good news is that there is no reason to panic. Taking a few creative and flexible steps will help you balance a budget even when the jobs are scarce.

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  • Very cool new site, Kathryn!

    I switched to a gym that my insurance company payment covers completely. My mother and I eat our evening meal together. This way, we can take better advantage of food sales.

    Today, I picked up plastic for my drafty windows. It’s the next best thing to getting new ones.

    Thanks for the tips.

    Susan 🙂

    • Thanks for noticing the overhaul Susan. I’m getting better with personalizing the blogs so I may try some more in the future until I find the one that sings to me :D.

      One thing that I did start doing that made a HUGE difference in our electric bill was turning off extra lights. Many of our larger rooms have two light fixtures and ceiling fans. Turning off the one on the side we were not using and turning up the air in the day have led to our electric bill dropping by about 30%.

      Since my husband was cleaning the outside of the house the other day and I could watch the spray come in around the doors we might want to think about some weather proofing ourselves ;).