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Dealing with a Negative Vibe

There is an alien living in my home. He does not come out all of the time but usually only when I let my guard down – or when I’m just around the corner to a break through. All you have to do is picture that thing that bursts out in the movie “Alien” and attaches to the face of one of the other characters. That is what my alien feels like at times. It attempts to suck the energy, enthusiasm and joy right out of me. As long as I am prepared for the attack then I will come through relatively strong in the end.

Surviving a Spouse’s Struggles

    1. I can not make my spouse act the way I think that he should. All that I can do is live my life and let him live his. Raising my voice when talking to the kids about anything will not make my spouse respond. He will do what he wants to do and usually my nagging only gets in the way.

    2. My spouse can not stop my own success. The people around me may slow me down on some days. The people around me can provide distractions. It is only ME that can stop my ability to reach the success that I desire.

    3. Commenting on negative emotions will only serve to bring me down. My focus has to be on what I need to do and on the positive things in my life.

    4. It is impossible to lift up the attitude of my spouse. The only thing that I can do to help him along is to support him, love him and lift him up in prayer on a regular basis through out each day.

    5. I am no good to my spouse if I am not encouraged in my own life. My encouragement comes from my walk with God. Spending time in prayer, reading and studying the word and finding strong fellowship will help me maintain my own walk of encouragement despite any storm around me.

It is not easy being a part of one. The urge to put the blame of my lack on the other is easier than standing up alone. It is especially tough with the other half is struggling to find his place, passion and purpose. I have to push through with all that I know to do in order to survive the negative struggles going on around me.

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