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How to Count the Cost of Savings

The time you save may not be as valuable as the cost required to save it. Look at all the variables, whether in time or resources, before you determine saving time will add to the positive column. I shared on the Snarky Rainbows Moment from Thursday, August 2018, how saving five minutes (or potentially saving […]

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Spending Writing Time

Time limits exist on each day. No matter how well you plan or prepare for each day there will still only be 24 hours in that day. Sometimes finding the time to juggle all of the different writing projects and jobs can be tough. Add in the day to day routine of the home and […]

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Making the Most of Time

There is so much I want to do and so many things that need my attention. Spring seems to bring on overwhelming number of chores, events and activities – garden, grass, baseball, conferences, workshops, performances and on and on. I’m almost afraid to even look at the summer calendar. The other day I found a […]

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Spending My Time

It dawned on me this morning that every moment of my time is spent. If I make $50 per hour and I spend two hours surfing channels of reruns then I have just spent $100 doing nothing. The shock motivated me to do a little more. I was determined to get right to work when […]

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Finding Time

There is so much to do around here. Just when I think I’ve got it all under control, someone adds something to my list, needs an all day errand or requests a rush job. Most days I feel like I’m playing catch up on my to-do list. These last few days have been different. Not […]

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