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Fiction Stories from Kathryn Lang

5 Little Words Help Hack the Block

Read “The Coming Storm” by Kathryn C Lang Flash Fiction Word War to Defeat Writer’s Block or just to have some Saturday fun Getting the words moving can be a challenge – on the best of days. Walking away from the current work in progress and tackling something new or different can be the perfect […]

Tips and Top 10 Lists

How to Escape from Big Facebook Frenzy

Oops – I did it again. I found a random comment on a random social media and after investing too much time doing too much research to find the root of the story I knew the truth. I wrote out an amazing rebuttal to the original post pointing out the details of the truth, the […]

Reflections 1 - KCL

Truth and Consequences (of We the People)

from the Archives of Reflections and HOPE for 11-29-15 Here is the whole truth. There is no man or woman here on this earth capable or qualified to run our country. The founding fathers got that concept – but we seem to have forgotten. We run around nit-picking the minutiae of people we disagree with […]

Scripture Word Proverbs Life

Judge Not Does NOT Mean Accept All

Judge not so that you won’t be judged.” – from Matthew 7:1 I have a unique design and place on this earth. I have learned (from trial and error I might add) that my place is not on the judgment seat. There have been times when I looked around and declared how wrong my husband […]

Growing HOPE - 1st Monday

Declaration of My Independence

My son handed me a scroll. When I unrolled it the words “This is a Declaration of Independence” stared back at me. I had just finished thanking some friends and fellow journeyors for challenging me to step out. The words he shared connected with the idea I was trying to form. I declare my independence […]

Reflections and HOPE - Sunday

Make the Choice for Now

“In a minute.” I live in a house where this phrase is used with ease and comfort – and usually to mean that I never have an intention of doing what is being asked . . . in a minute, an hour, or ever. My children do it. I will ask them to fulfill a […]