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Action Tuesday with Kathryn Lang

The Declaration of a Hurting Heart

It seems there has been a move to stop listening, stop learning, and to instead start demanding. The noise gets louder. The demands get greater. I am left trying to hold tight to who I am and who I am supposed to be. It has to stop. The Declaration of a Hurting Heart I will […]

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Quote of the Day for Wednesday

Quote of the Day – Have the Right Focus

Growing HOPE Quote of the Day for September 27, 2017 “It is NOT about the circumstances but about the focus.” – Kathryn Lang Circumstances happen, but just because they happen does not give them control. You have to choose to see the circumstances for what they are – temporary moments in a lifetime of possibilities. […]

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Stop Judging and Find the Better Way to Protest

You have the right to express your opinions, ideas, and thoughts. I have the right not to agree with you. Neither of these rights negates the other rights. It is just as important to understand what you are protesting so that you can put your opinions in the right context. It started with one man. […]

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