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Excuses NEVER Make a Way for Possibilities

I had a reason. It was a really good reason – to boot! Over the years, I’ve had many good reasons. Settling into the excuses (A.K.A. reasons) may have been more comfortable than pushing through. Even when I haven’t been comfortable where I was, sometimes the known discomfort was more comfortable than the unknown beyond […]

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Keep It Simple - Social Media Edition

Social Media Flushed with Fake Followers

Exopsing the Truth of Social Media Numbers Several years ago, an agent speaking at a writers conference said we needed to have a significant following on social media before we would get the attention of publishers. I challenged him to give me a number, but he had met me. He said he knew better than […]

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Secrets to Being Hopeful

Discover Your Hope Hidden in the Fog

Hope is hidden only to the heart that is not seeking to find it. Seek hope and even through the fog or the dark you will find your step. # # # The fog settled around me – think and heavy. The damp drops dripped down my face. I kept walking. I looked up ahead, […]

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