Doing the Things You Should Do

Yesterday was crazy around our house.  Laundry day is normally a little chaotic, but this one was exceptionally so.  I was determined to get everything done at all costs.  It surprised me when I actually accomplished most of what I set out to do.

Laundry – washed, folded, AND put away

Meals – cooked, eaten, AND cleaned up

Living room – mopped and straightened

Articles – written and submitted

Study time

Bath time

Dishwasher loaded (and started before going to bed)

Story time

Bible study with the kids

We even took time out of the day to have company over for a visit.  It worked out perfectly.  They showed up just after the baby went down for his nap and left just as he woke up.  The other mother and I were free to talk and enjoy each other’s company.

As I was finishing up last night, I wondered what I had done differently.  It’s simple, but it’s not easy.  To get it all done requires that the things that need to be done are done.  That means I didn’t stop to watch a television show (or shows).  Yesterday was just one push after another.

My thought this morning was “can I keep it up?”  The only way to continue doing what needs to be done is to push aside my selfish thoughts.  I get time for myself (I was able to take a bath last night before bed).  It just may be that the time I want or the things I do aren’t what I would have done before.

Truth is, I don’t need to watch television.  I get caught up in the 4 million channels that are available and just keeping telling my mind and body – after this show.  There is always another one that comes on that I just have to watch.

Instead of wasting time in front of the tube, I’m going to be getting to the things that I need to do.  What are you doing instead of doing what you should?

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