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Growing connections

Three Secrets for Building Connections

Building connections can be the key to growing success. But building connections is not always as easy as the idea. Two of us sat in the library. The extrovert in me cried out to engage the man at the other end of the table. He kept his head down and effortlessly made not eye contact […]

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Find your core audience.

Finding Your Core Audience

“Know the person that you are targeting for your marketing efforts.” The advice should have guided me to focus my efforts, but it left me floundering to find a direction. Some people may be able to see the individual that will be reading their books, but that is one thing that I have always struggled […]

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Build an Ally Army for Writing Success

Building an Ally Army

Friends may be a lot of fun to have around, but they are not the ones that tend to actively promote your writing career (of course there are always those exceptions to the rule). One of the tasks for this year will be to mount an army of support that encourage, promote and help market […]

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