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Reach Out to Help Others through Content Sharing

Help others.

The one directive makes way for more opportunity in life. The one directive creates a smoother journey for self. The one directive builds a ladder for personal growth.

Content sharing is not new. It helps others get more traction to their websites – with the benefit of helping those that are sharing bring more traffic to their own site.

For many years, I participated in different content sharing groups – Carnivals if you will. Each week, one member “hosted” the content of others. Today on social media, the material is often shared in groups. I remember when my turn came to host, I took the time to read through each submission, even taking time to learn more about the writer. It was a chance to create lasting connections through my efforts and to go beyond just sharing their content.

I had fun with these sharing times and always looked forward to how others would portray my own content. Reviewing these older posts has given me an idea for some new posts to help me connect with people and then focus on being relentlessly helpful for those connections.

If you aren’t already connected to TheKathrynLang facebook group, head over there in a minute and be sure to like the page or to follow it. In the days ahead, I’ll be sharing a thread that will help me help you share your content.

Project Share and Connect

I will be putting out a call for content at least once a month. I will pick a theme for the content and then you will share a link to your content along with a little thought or quote about you and why you chose to share that content. I’ll tag you when the post goes live.

Until then, check out this carnival from 2010 to see how content sharing can work.

Christian Carnival – July 21, 2010

encourage others to help others

I agreed to host the Christian Carnival and have discovered that just when I think I understand why I do what I do, another reason comes to light. These last several days I have been blessed to discover a number of new and interesting websites that I might have continued to miss without stepping out to help others.

My tour started over at In a Clay Pot. Crystal shares My Joy and My Crown that reminds me of the importance of purpose and place.

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Jose Anajero offered a great post about desiring fame. Becoming well known can be a huge benefit but does it conflict with God’s purpose in my life? Fame – Is it Wrong to Desire to be Famous gave me plenty of food for thought.

One of the oldest arguments stems from which came first and scientist have finally proven what most Christians already know – the chicken came first. Loswl over at Inspikes shares the whole story.

Understanding God’s Purpose for me starts with knowing that God exists. The NZ Atheist Campaign is discussed over at Mandm with some interesting points made by Matt.

The world will always have its opinions and Christians need to be prepared to deal with the arguments and accusations that might come along. Paul Manta brings to light to The Christian Delusion with The Infidel Delusion.

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Barry Wallace talks about reaching out to the community through Vacation Bible School over at Who Am I.

Dealing with slavery seems like something for the history books. The reality of the slave trade is brought to light by Rodney Olsen in Not for Sale over at

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Help others

Jeremy helps find the balance between helping and hurting over at Parableman with a discussion on Welfare Alienation.

The economy had many people scrambling, but how should Christians deal with this part of life? Joe Plemon offers some pointers from the top financial experts in the Bible.

The Bible has all of the answers and Free Money Finance reveals how following the precepts in the Bible can help to make your career a success.

Building success and keeping that success are two complete different journeys. Facing death (or even a little turbulence) can bring to the forefront the importance of putting finances in order. Use the checklist from ChristianPF to get your affairs in order.

Surviving this world alone will not happen. We are called to lift each other up and encourage one another in the journey. These posts and these websites can help you find a little guidance, understanding, joy or encouragement as you move through the day in this world.

help others

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    • I don’t know if that particular carnival is still going – but I want to do something similar through my facebook group. I’ll pick a theme and then will ask for folks to share their content with me that meets that theme. 🙂 Thanks for the interest.