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Pursue Your Dreams

5 Secrets for Pursuing Your Dream

The tweet promised “5 Secrets for Nurturing Your Dream CLIENTS.” It had my attention up until the last word. I understand that building a successful career will require the growing and nurturing of a base (like those dream clients). It is just that at this moment I, and many of the people around me, are […]

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Waking up to Possibilities

My schedule creates a sense of peace for my day. Every day gets broken down almost to the minute. I know where I am going, what I am doing and even what the menu will be for each day. But there are those days when even though I know what lies ahead, there are limitless […]

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Find Your Passion

The last few days have been a great opportunity for me to recharge and re-attack my goals and objectives. It seems that after a struggle, this new vigor usually shows up. I almost feel sorry for those that get caught in the overflow ;). Yesterday it was the Sunday school teacher. It was just him […]

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