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6-3-16 life to procrastination

Revealing Procrastination

Procrastination is a liar. I probably have known this all along, but I diverted my eyes to avoid being forced to look at the truth head on. Procrastination says I am just waiting. Procrastination cajoles me into compliance by making me think that I am only putting something off for another time. Procrastination fills me […]

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Change starts one step at a time

Breaking the Procrastination Habit

Getting it done is as simple as just doing it. I first wrote these words over five years ago and I am still working on learning that lesson right now. I am a procrastinator by nature (or by nurture) and that is a HARD habit to break. My realization of the importance behind “just do […]

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Cries of a Freelance Writer

“I made so much more money working for someone else.” Every freelance writer that I know cries out on this subject at some point and time. The money that you thought you were going to make may not have ever materialized. It may just be that the work you get spaces out so far that […]

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Keep Up to Avoid the Catch Up

There are days when I willful walk past a sink full of dirty dishes. I see them but I pretend that they are not there. My real hope is that the elves living in my walls and under my floors will come out and clean the dishes instead of spending all of their time and […]

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Beating Back Procrastination

The inspiration came from a question over at Christian Writers. The day can speed past without one word written, particularly when I work hard or my reasons NOT to write. Have you ever had a reason not to write? Reasons NOT to Write 10. The three year old is awake. 9. Someone needs to cook. […]

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Getting NOTHING Done

The last several days I have set a schedule that requires me to dig right in to my work. It is only later in the morning as the family begins to stir that I take the time to check my emails or send out a few tweets. This morning I skipped the schedule since I […]

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