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MusingfromtheDark 3-8-14

Musing from the Dark

I got up in a dark place, and not just because the sun had not yet made it over the mountain. My heart was heavy and it made it difficult for me to focus. I curled up around my coffee mug and started my very own pity party. It did not help. I wanted to […]

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sign distraction

What Begins with D

One word can stop your progress and derail your success without as much as a whisper of warning. It can come in big, giant, overwhelming waves or small, indiscernible trickles. But it will come, so be prepared. Dealing with Distractions 1. Learn to recognize a distraction for what it is. Emergencies DO come up, but […]

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Beating Back Procrastination

The inspiration came from a question over at Christian Writers. The day can speed past without one word written, particularly when I work hard or my reasons NOT to write. Have you ever had a reason not to write? Reasons NOT to Write 10. The three year old is awake. 9. Someone needs to cook. […]

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