Being Fat is a Sin

Gluttony is a curse, a disease, a hindrance against all the blessings in my life. Weight has been the giant in my life since I was a young teenager. Yesterday, as I was sitting around inside squandering the amazing day, it dawned on me that gluttony is blocking my path to true freedom.

The sad part is that gluttony is like the elephant in the room that everyone sees, but no one wants to discuss. If I had spent the day on the couch because of drugs or alcohol then someone close to me would have likely called for an intervention. But it is politically incorrect (not to mention insensitive) to point out a relationship with gluttony.

This morning I woke up determined to claim my freedom. I understand that gluttony is stealing my time, my energy and so very many blessings bound for me and my family. It will not happen anymore. From this moment on I am treating the bondage of gluttony like I would any other curse. Starting right now, I am breaking free – for myself and for all those who I encounter.

1. No more treating food like a god. I will not worship it by eating alone, hording “special” foods or worrying about my next meal.

2. There will be no eating apart from the place designed to eat. That means if I’m not sitting down at the table, allowing my mind and body to experience the food and communicate satisfaction (instead of cramming something in while watching a movie or working on the computer) then I just won’t eat.

3. Being hungry will not kill me. I will allow my body to get to the place of hungry by not eating until I feel an actual grow or rumbling in my stomach (not my bellybutton, but just under my chest).

4. Everything in moderation. Instead of trying to cut out the “bad” foods, I will trust that everything God created is good and I will only eat a small portion (about ½ to ¼ of what I have been eating).

5. Gluttony is a sin, and I confess my sin to God and to any one who has been looking to me for guidance or inspiration (and in whose path I have been a stumbling block).

If I look at my life through the eyes of reality instead of sugar-coating my actions with political correctness and “sensitivity” then I can finally push myself to be what I want to be.

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