Called To Be Peculiar

Being peculiar is becoming the “in thing”.  I run across more references to the word peculiar than almost any other descriptive word out there.  Everyone wants to be trendy and original.  Some people are falling short of the calling.

There are those that worry being peculiar will become normal mostly because of all the attention it is getting.  But true peculiar people will never fall into the normal realm.  By shear default, they aren’t normal – no matter what normal may be.

I have always been peculiar.  It is a matter of finding my own beat and following it.  The longer I go, the more I find other people bopping along to their own beat right along with me.  Just today I was at a blog that talked about the scripture calling us to be a peculiar people.  It made me smile.  I LOVE that scripture.  I love anything that points out my abnormalities are not really all that abnormal after all.

Being peculiar isn’t about following a formula or a trend.  You can’t become peculiar by watching the people around you and doing what they do – you’ll just look weird.  To truly become peculiar, you have to listen to the still small whisper and follow it each and every step of the way.

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