High Speed and Cable Conspiracy

IF I believed in conspiracies then I would think the cable company was out to drive me crazy. After several years of being told I was “unserviceable,” my hubby and I determined it was time to bite the bullet and become “serviceable.”

It cost an arm and a leg to get them to run cable to my house just so I could get high speed internet. The cable company would not foot the bill to run cable out to our farm (a mere mile from the main highway). They did allow us the privilege of paying for it, though.

Four months after I gave them a check for the process (which they stored in the company’s vault) the contractors were finally out here to run our cable. The twist was that THOSE contractors only ran the main line. It would be another day before the other contractors would come to actually connect to the house.

The next day was insane – the cable contractors refused to hook up the line because it was too far from the main drop. There is no way to CALL the office, so I had to make the 70 mile round trip to speak to them in person. Fortunately, the engineer was in the office at the time and he sent the contractors back out.

It has now been a full month, and my service has yet to work correctly. We’ve had three technicians out to our house. The last one left just about an hour ago. While the techs are here, the system works great. When the techs get out of the driveway, it slows right back down.

If I thought things like this were possible, I’d swear they go to the end of the drive and hit a switch that MAKES the internet run slower.

I had to call technical support again. This time she says it’s the modem that’s causing the problems. They are sending me out a new modem that will be here probably Tuesday. In the mean time, I just have to sit and wonder what’s really going on.

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