Five Steps to a Good Day

Today is a very good day. I jumped right out of bed when the alarm clock went off (my husband’s that is. I didn’t even hear mine). My husband had the coffee maker already set, so coffee was magically waiting for me when I got up. The dishes were done and most of them put away, so I walked into a clean kitchen. Today would be a perfect day if there was just a fire crackling in the fireplace.

The amazing feat comes when you can keep the day good – all day. It’s easy to have a good day when you are the only one awake in the house (possibly in the neighborhood). Having a good day in the midst of normal life is where the magic comes in.

  1. Take some time to be alone with God. The early morning (before dawn hours) is about as quiet and alone as you will ever see. In the end, you get to enjoy the sunrise.
  2. Put together a plan. I have schedules and lists for everything we are going to do, should do, and could do. Even then, I get up most mornings (when there is a lot going on) and make a to-do list. That way it is all together in front of me and no one has to ask, “What do are we doing?” It’s all in black and white.
  3. Plan a family breakfast. Even if it’s just cereal and fruit, make some time to be together before you face the world apart.
  4. Have a quick devotional during or just after breakfast. That way everyone starts off on a positive note.
  5. Go with the flow. If you can get all your to-do’s done then more power to you. Most of us have to make the list according to importance and hope we make it through the essentials. There is usually a forgotten practice, an unexpected visitor, or a change of plans (most likely instituted by a spouse who didn’t read the list). These are the times when you must breathe in and then breathe out slowly. Let it go! Just enjoy the times instead of trying to control them.

Every day starts off as a good day. Where, when, and if it goes wrong usually depends on your own attitude. More than once, I have made ornery children get back in their pajamas and get back in bed in order to start the day over. How you choose to see the day could be the difference between joy and existence.

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