Moment of HOPE Monday

How to Make Moxie Ignite Persistent Pursuit of Purpose

This Moment of HOPE YouTube Broadcast offers a burst of inspiration in under one minute

I will get there – because I will do what I need to do to get there. I will step. I will change. I will adjust. I will keep stepping.

I have enough persistence in me to make it happen – and persistence is fueled by moxie.

A YouTube Broadcast – A Moment of HOPE with Kathryn Lang

This journey is not simple – and this world seems determined to stop me from walking it out. I think it’s time to infuse this walk with a little more moxie. You know, that strength of character that ignites my ability to stay persistent in pursuit of purpose.

With a little moxie pushing me on – I will reach my BIG DREAM goals.

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Persisentce Fired up by Moxie


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