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How a Habit of Obedience Leads to Success

The call to obedience keeps showing up.

Over the last several weeks, every bible study I have been going through, every devotional that I have received and every sermon I have heard has focused on obedience in one form or another. I’ll admit I have been struggling a bit with the whole concept of just doing what I know to do. There are plenty of reasons and excuses that I could come up with that justifies me NOT doing it.

The truth is that there is no justification for disobedience. Even partial obedience is complete disobedience. I know that – I’ve said it to my own kids enough that I shouldn’t have to hear it from somewhere else.

Develop a Habit of Obedience

  • There is always a reason to NOT do it. You are too tired. The timing isn’t right. You’re husband yelled. You didn’t do it in the first place. You JUST did it. Your favorite show is on. The list literally can go on forever. If you want to make an excuse you will be able to make an excuse. Determine today that there will be no more excuses for anything in your life.
  • It’s not easy. The idea of obedience is actually a simple one; it’s just not an easy one. It hurts to push past our own wants and desires and do just what we are supposed to do. But the end product feels better – eventually.
  • It takes time. You have to be able to manage your time to live a life of obedience. I read recently that if you don’t manage your time then something or someone will manage it for you. Get a schedule and stick to that schedule!
  • Consistency will take you miles. Do it at the same time, every day – just like you would any other job that you have. The consistency will carry you when your determination seems to give up.

There is so much in the path that can get you off track. Get rid of the excuses, push past the pain and focus on the price!

Qestions: How do you develop a habit of obedience?
Answer: Learn to surrender.

Practice stepping out with a submissive heart.

The words spoken to the congregation hit the bullseye of my hurting heart. He looked out and saw the depth of my struggle. His eyes pinned me down to the message he was sharing.


tips  for a habit of obedience through submission

I write words that show how much I trust God and most days I even convince myself that it is the truth. Trouble surfaces when people get involved because people have a way of letting me down. It would be easier to keep my focus if there was a way to keep people from being involved.

The rejection and hurt from past days had become a rolling boil in my heart. The words that he was speaking to the congregation were now my personal reminder that even in a room full of people I would never be alone.

The world will let me down. It is that simple. My Father will never let me down. He will know my pain and understand my situation. And no matter what comes my way He will always hold me up.

All I have to do is surrender.

Be blessed,
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