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Fiction Stories from Kathryn Lang

5 Little Words Help Hack the Block

Read “The Coming Storm” by Kathryn C Lang Flash Fiction Word War to Defeat Writer’s Block or just to have some Saturday fun Getting the words moving can be a challenge – on the best of days. Walking away from the current work in progress and tackling something new or different can be the perfect […]

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make it work

Make it Work Challenge

The last 90 Days stirred my boldness in a way that might be considered dangerous. I have known all along that I can do it, but I have broken through some of the barriers that have been holding me back – most of which I had no idea were there. Once I began to break […]

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Know the reason to be able to hit the target.

Friday Challenge – Know the Reason

Until I know where I am going, I will never know if I reach my destination. Until I understand the reason, I will struggle to find the motivation. Until I recognize the target, I will continue to miss the mark. People arrive because they have a destination. People reach their goals because they have a […]

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singing cat

Writing Challenge for December 19, 2010

The holidays can become overwhelming – particularly when the Christmas carols start blaring over the radio before the Thanksgiving turkey is even roasting over an open fire. Keep in the true spirit of the season by making some of those carols all your own. I had the chance to share one of my own concoctions […]

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Writing Challenge for November 7

Writing provides an outlet to the stream of words constantly flowing through my mind. It helps me to stay focused on the task at hand instead of having to wander around all of those loose words. Writing allows me to live the life that I have always dreamed possible. Why do you write? Understanding the […]

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Three Outfits – No Cost

God made each body unique. It would be nice if the Fashion Industry would get that memo. Between Clinton and Stacey and ALL of the designers on Project Runway, I fret over each and every piece in my closet. I am down to so few pieces that I could probably pack all of my belongings […]

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