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One step helps develop resolve to overcome.

Developing Resolve to Overcome

The image in the mirror caught me by surprise. After three kids, no exercise regimen and a summer with limited sun exposure it was not a good surprise. “I need to do whatever it takes to fix this.” I told the image. “You know what it takes.” The voice in my head has never been […]

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Writing Obstacles Come in All Sizes

The schedule fell into place and 6000 words flowed easily onto the pages. It felt great to check off the work projects and make time for personal projects along the way. Day two may not have been as productive, but 4200 words still felt like an accomplishment. Wednesday morning started off in a way that […]

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From Ordinary to Extraordinary

What a difference a day makes. Although I have been determined to get a schedule and stay ON that schedule, the holidays have not cooperated. Yesterday I muddled through only to find that at the end of the day I was still short (and not just in my height for those who know me and […]

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Falling of the Face of the Planet

Posting on my own websites have not been the priority as of late. My husband started a second shift job and I have simply been trying to survive. Have you ever been there? Falling off the face of the planet hurts any writer. Several years ago I was an avid reader of Steven King. He […]

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Ignore the Problem

Ignore the problem and it will go away. This thought was first suggested by someone who does not have children. Problems are like children. They are persistent in their desires are determined to get your attention one way or another. Ignoring a problem will only guarantee you more problems to add to the list. Finances […]

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Being Broke Hurts the Spirit

Prosperity covers more than just money. It is about nothing being missing or broken in life. There have been times when my family has been truly prosperous even though we live in a small cabin in the woods and drive well-loved cars. These last few months have not been so prosperous. The troubles are strongest […]

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