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Why I Can't Make My Husband Happy

Why I Can’t Make My Husband Happy

“I don’t like you very much.” Several years back, my husband and I were sitting on the couch watching television together. The boys were tucked in their beds and we had a moment of just us. He took the quick commercial break to share his thoughts with me. He even added to them. “Sometimes I […]

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flip your focus

Attitude Adjustment and Family Woes

Developing the Focused Attitude Do what you know to do and the rest will work itself out. The concept seems simple. The execution begins to get a bit trickier – especially when you mix in other people (i.e. husband and kids). Sunday morning, I got up and tackled my to-do list with laser focus. I […]

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3-10-15 Thank you

Thank YOU for the Focused Encouragement

I think I figured out why I am not plagued with anger issues or emotional troubles. You are my reason. You are am release valve. I read a t-shirt recently that said, “I write because therapy is too expensive.” When things get tough for me (like they sometimes do) or when I’ve backed myself into […]

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icing and sprinkles

Those Things That Matter Most

It started with a master plan to take over the world. I knew it would take consistent focus pursued with a diligent mind. I drew the map and began taking the steps. It was a plan to make my life better and the life of my family. Each day I invested in prayer and study. […]

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A Moment of HOPE – March 11, 2013

I learned a get deal during #Strategy2014 at the Huntsville Marriott. The speakers, panel discussions and breakout sessions offered insights into Social Media and growing your online presence. They shared ideas on finding the right voice for your brand and translating that voice to different social media platforms. They talked about the importance of counting […]

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