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Thank YOU for the Focused Encouragement

I think I figured out why I am not plagued with anger issues or emotional troubles. You are my reason. You are am release valve. I read a t-shirt recently that said, “I write because therapy is too expensive.”

When things get tough for me (like they sometimes do) or when I’ve backed myself into a corner (because of a bad choice, a miss-step, or just stubbornness), then I share with you. While I am taking the time to share with you the trials and troubles, I also dig down to find some kind of nugget or hope in the situation – that is what a rainbows and lollipops host does, right?

Each time I sit down to share with you, to cry with your, or to vent with you, I find a release from all the emotions that would have clouded my judgment. Notice I said release FROM and not release of.

Sharing with you allows me to step out from under the pressure of emotions. It clears the air and makes it possible for me to see the situation with clarity that can never be accomplished in the fit of emotions. There are times when the situation requires multiple emotional releases – but you are there, ever listening and ever encouraging.

change your focus

I have also discovered that by investing the time and the energy to dig down for that nugget, in my attempt to share some encouragement and maybe a little inspiration that has come from my struggles or because of my struggles, I find a little courage for myself in the process. The effort to shine the light of the message pushes me past the stuff and away from the emotions and into the Spirit.

I know that when I make a choice based on the Spirit then I overcome the problems and uncover the possibilities.

I recognize now that I am a better person because of my relationship with you. Thank you for walking with me.

Be blessed,


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