Words Have Power – Study of Proverbs Chapter Fifteen

Watch your words. The words that you speak have power on your life and on the lives of those they encounter. Take a moment to read Chapter Fifteen in the Book of Proverbs. Be sure to take note of any verses that stand out. Write down questions or ideas for deeper study. Choose one verse to memorize and write it out on an index card that you can carry around during the week.

The Power of Words

Words have power. Words that are backed by kindness and spoken in love and through love make a difference. These soft words turn away wrath. These words of knowledge are used correctly – to heal and not to maim. These wise words offer life.

Sacrifice is nothing. Actions are nothing. Correction offers nothing. The only things worth anything are those that are rooted in Love, released through Love and grown by Love.

The Lord created everything – Love created everything. It is wrong to believe that He does not hold it all, STILL, in the palm of His hand.

The Lord hears the prayers of the upright – those that seek His will, renew their thoughts with His Word, and choose His ways. Judgment will come to the unrighteous – those too focused on self to notice God or others.

Seek to grow wisdom and understanding and then to speak words grown from that place. This is the path to the live you desire.

Fear, reference and stand in awe of God – and through it all, continue to grow Wisdom.

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