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5 Tips to Help You with Your Unique Design Rules

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Unless you follow your unique design rules you will find you are living trapped under the limitations and rules of others. Choose your own way and you will discover you are free to dance.

Define Your unique design rules

Are you living trapped or are you living protected?

Maybe protected is too strong a word – it might be better to say it’s living in your zone. When you are in your zone things are easier, or more comfortable. You are safe to be your unique self, to dance, and to enjoy.

When you are living trapped, you are being pushed into the words and rules others have defined. When you are trapped, you struggle to breathe, to move, and sometimes even to think.

It seems like a simple choice – and yet sometimes we choose to live trapped because it’s easier to be uncomfortable in the known than to step out into the unknown and learn to dance.

When you are living out your unique design rules then you will be living protected and free.

Define Your Unique Design Rules

    defining your unique design rules
    Align with your design – you create that protective bubble or safety zone when you understand the unique qualities and focus that make up you.

    You are not anybody else – (and yes, that includes your mother, your father, or any other relative that tries to claim a hold) and that’s okay. You will have a unique mixture and unique way of doing things.

    Their success is not your design – you can learn from others, but you can’t follow their exact path. Find your own way.

    It takes consistent persistence – it’s a build-up of steps instead, one at a time, that will get you to walk your unique path.

    Your unique design brings contentment – you may be uneasy about walking out change or stepping into the unknown, but there will be overlying contentment that soothes.

    There is only one you and you are the only one that can move you into that unique design. When you take into account all of the qualities, gifts, talents, experiences, and other elements that makeup you then it is easier to see (and understand) your unique design.

    Once you know your unique design you can walk out the unique design rules that will lead to your place of dancing.

    Be blessed,
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