Financial Security is Just a Change Away

The number one concern that most married couples has is money – and I haven’t met a couple yet that was concerned because they had too much of it. Money (or lack of it) is one of the leading causes of divorce in America today. The overwhelming need for financial security seems to be embedded in most people’s DNA. And yet we are a country of spenders.

If you really want to achieve financial security then have to learn to change your mindset. Ask anyone (with money in the bank and no debt) how they got to be where they are and they are likely to tell you that they didn’t spend what they didn’t have. Getting to a place where you feel secure is simple, but it is not always that easy. You will have to make some changes and think differently from before, but you can get to a place where you breathe easy when it comes to money.

1. Decide what is truly important in your life and then save for it. If you have to have the big house then work your way up by buying what you can afford first. If you want a new car then start setting aside what would have been the monthly payment for a year or two and then purchase your car with cash. It all comes down to patient choices. If you rush it, you will most likely regret it at some point.

2. Pay your savings before you pay anything else. Even if it’s just a few dollars each week, you have to get in the habit of saving money. As you grow accustomed to saving, you will find more ways to save and find that you are saving more money.

3. Do one more thing. If you already have a “regular” job then do one more thing to make some additional money. Clean out the attic and sell the items you don’t need or love (which are most of them since they were stashed in the attic). Divide the money into savings, debt reduction and just for fun. Make sure everyone in the family gets a little of the just for fun money.

4. See financial security in a new light. Having the safety net of a “regular” paycheck might be something that you have to have to feel secure in your finances. Learning that you can bring in money no matter what your situation or circumstances will get you beyond the normal walk of life and begin to lift you to the extraordinary.

5. Plan for your dreams. What would you do if you didn’t have to “make a living?” Find ways to make your dreams a reality and then begin to work in that direction.

The world and society has a particular way of determining financial security and it is an issue that each and every person faces at some point and time. Talk to your spouse and work to bring your understanding of financial security to a place you can both breathe easy.

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