Finding Balance for Writing

Find YOUR Balance

I struggled to find the right mix – that magic balance between content building and platform building. I swing from one extreme to the other and then feel like I have accomplished nothing along the way.

One week, I concentrate on blog posts (spurred on by a blogathon or other challenge). I create and schedule posts for the next few weeks. It feels good, until I look around and see my WIP whimpering in the corner from neglect.

My attention shifts. I spend the next few weeks forming and crafting my work in progress. I work with editors or designers to make the vision a reality. It feels good, until I log into my blog and realize that it has been weeks since anything posted.

So, I buckle down to write and schedule posts. I work at engaging others through my sites and other mediums. It feels good, until I look around and see my WIP whimpering in the corner.

You can see why I need to find a way to balance it all. Instead of swinging from one extreme to the other, I need to discover the balance that works for me.

My Journey to Find Balance

    1. The experts are NOT me. I am sure the techniques that are offered around the internet work for many people, but I have proven for the last few years that they do not work for me. I need to quit climbing in their box and trust my own instincts. My balance comes from what works for me and what benefits those that read my sites.

    2. Too much of anything is not a good thing. I get lost when I put all of my emphasis in one direction. Choosing to break up the day into activities (morning work on the computer, afternoons on the WIP) may be the key I need to create balance with my writing.

    3. There is no failure with trying. As long as I continue to do, I continue to find new ways to do. Just because something does not work does not mean I have failed. I have discovered a new way not to do what I want to accomplish. It is still progress and progress is good.

    4. Without focus the wheels just spin. I have to know what it is I want if I want to know if my actions are taking me to that location. My focus will dictate my direction – so I need to be focused on the right things.

    5. Yesterday will never defeat tomorrow IF I invest in today. I have to make the choice right now to move in the direction I desire. No matter what I did yesterday, today I have to choose to do what I know I need to do. Today makes the difference.

My balance and your balance may not be the same – and that is okay. You are not me and I am not you. But we all need our own balance however it ends up looking. Stop doing the same things expecting different results and start finding the balance that will give you peace in your direction.

What do you do to get balance in your life?

Share your thoughts or ideas about balance. We may all have a unique path to that place of balance, but we can encourage each other along the journey with our own experiences.

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