Getting into a Writing Groove for Freelance Writing Success


Writing can be a tough business. Not only do freelance writers have to worry about finding that next job but they have to worry about when pay for the last job might arrive. A great budget plan will help ease the concerns, but getting into a writing groove will do even more to bring peace to your freelance writing career.

Finding Your Freelance Writing Groove

    1. Write every day. This is not just about doing the work load that you have piled on your desk, but it is about following your dream of writing that got you to this place in the first place. If you are not spending at least one hour a day on your dream writing then you will likely find yourself burning out in the freelance writing business.

    2. Set a timer. Give yourself ten minutes, twenty minutes or some other set time limit to craft a fiction story, essay or other writing project. Challenging your writing skills every day will help you hone those skills for more successful freelance writing.

    3. Follow your passion. Even with the jobs that you do you should have a passion or a bit of an interest in the subject. The more interest that you have then the easier it will be to write outside of your dream genre.

    4. Go back to your roots. What did you write as a child, a teen or in college? Go back and read what you wrote. Sure, some of it may be cheesy beyond belief and completely unfit for freelance work, but you may uncover a few gems while you are reminiscing.

    5. Expand on your writing. Take the things that you have been working on or that you wrote in the past and make them applicable today. Working on the right wording for a poem might not get you published tomorrow but it could ignite the next great novel that you will write over the next few months. Writing begets writing and this is the key to a successful freelance writing career.

    6. Write every day. I’ve said it once and I will say it again mainly because it is one of the places where I struggle the most. There is no way for me to reach my freelance writing goals if I am not WRITING towards those goals. I have to make time every day for my writing or I will lose some of my flexibility as a writer.

Creating a successful freelance writing career starts and stops with the writing. The marketing, the budgets and the plans are all important to a successful freelance writing career, but nothing trumps the actual writing. It is important to get in a writing groove so that you can accomplish all that you desire through your freelance writing.

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