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Getting Paid for Writing is NOT Enough

Every day I write multiple articles that I receive compensation for doing. They cover travel, politics, finances, and so much more. I’m learning a lot AND making a decent income.

This morning, as I was fixing my coffee, I began to wonder about what I’m doing. Is my writing gift just a way to make money? Or am I suppose to do more with what I have?

I know the answer, but I don’t want to face it. It’s easier to settle into the status quo of getting and depositing a paycheck. The idea of moving past the comfortable is just, well . . . uncomfortable.

Most writers want to make money from what they are writing. I am there. Granted, I’m not making thousands of dollars for each article I spit out. Much of what I write doesn’t even have my name on it (which does hurt my feelings on many days). But I’m a paid writer which is a dream I have had since I remember dreaming.

Still, I’m committing to do more. I will do what I know to do DESPITE what I need to do. That means blogging here at least twice a day – about life or writing or money. That means sending out queries for articles. That means having my novel printed up (about 5 to 10 copies) to let others critique so that it can be made ready for market. That means working on the other novel ideas that are swimming around my head – before they (or I) drown.

It is possible to get there. It just means making a few adjustments to the “me” schedule.

1. Cut out the after lunch break. Despite my excuses, no one needs three hours to “get their mind refocused.”

2. Start earlier. If I actually get up when my alarm goes off then I have plenty of time to get most of my work done BEFORE the family day gets started.

3. Make writing a habit not a hobby. Even though I write for pay every day, I don’t write the stories that are part of my heart. There needs to be a time where that is the only thing that I’m focused on doing.

These are three things that I will focus my energy on doing every day for the next 27 days. By the end of February, I will be more than a paid writer. I will be a paid writer who is a good steward over all my talents.

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