GOING on Vacation to Help a Writing Career

Going on Vacation to Build a Writing Career

“We ARE going on vacation this year.” My husband announced the command while staring me down. After knowing each other for three decades, he realizes that we have very different ideas of vacation. His look told me that we were supposed to follow his idea.

Building a business – whether it is a writing career or a brick and mortar store – requires an investment in resources. TIME is one of those resources. I just kicked off my book tour for my debut novel – RUN (shameless plug: it can be purchased through Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and other bookstores online and is also available on Kindle). Taking time out for a vacation seems like insanity.

I have also learned from our many years of knowing each other. I smiled and nodded – all the while plotting how I can turn his idea of vacation into my idea of vacation without him catching on. My heart and mind are on the marketing of RUN and just thinking of taking away from that makes me a little queasy.

But . . . and do NOT tell my husband this . . . maybe he has been right all this time.

Benefits of Going on Vacation to Build My Writing Career

    – a new place allows for new thoughts. Taking a vacation can ignite my imagination and stir the muse. A fired up imagination and dancing muse makes building my writing career easier when I return from vacation.

    – a new place allows me to break the ordinary and expected flow. Taking a vacation forces change, and change allows for growth. Pushing changes will push me to be more and do more in my writing career.

    – a new place shows me things I will never see at home. Just being outside of my “element” can give me a new vision. Often times, the vacation introduces new views, new scenes and new experiences that can drive my words once I return home.

Break out of the box. A stacation may be cost efficient, but I know staying in the same ole same ole will keep me moving down that same ole path. I think I will get on board the tracks my husband desires. This year we are GOING on vacation!

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  • The first holiday is the hardest. After that you learn when to go, where to go with good wifi coverage, or whether to arrange someone to cover, or whether it’s ok to take a complete break.
    I like to go to Asia because it’s so cheap there. It’s actually cheaper to live there in a hotel than it is back at home. So if I stay for long enough and rent out my apartment in the UK I actually save money by being on holiday!
    I’ve found the best time to go on vacation for a freelancer is between December and February. Things naturally slow down a bit then.

    • Thanks for the thoughts, Cathy. Staying busy with the schedules for the kids, my husband’s job as a pastor and my freelance writing career sometimes means I have to find a way to take my writing with me on vacation. 🙂 It would be WONDERFUL to visit Asia though!