Take Steps to Grow Expertise in Writing – Finding Presentation Opportunities

Find Ways to Grow Expertise
Presentations and classes grow expertise in the writing industry. You know something more than someone else. They can learn from your experience, abilities and knowledge. You know something different from someone else because you have walked a different path. That means that you already have what it takes to stand in front of a group – in person or online – and share.

Finding Presentation Opportunities to Grow Expertise

    Libraries – your local libraries and annexes are always looking for ways to encourage reading and writing. They need speakers, especially those that will offer their expertise for free. Ask that if you might be able to set up a book table for your efforts. Put together a 30 minute seminar about a part of your writing experience, about your niche, or about tips that will allow others to follow their own writing pursuits.

    Schools – English teachers, economic teachers and probably many others as well love to inspire young writers and entrepreneurs. You fit both of these categories. If your books happen to fall into historical genres or science fiction, then you can work with teachers in those fields. Offer to stop in and talk to the class about things they can do now to begin laying the foundation for their futures.

    Local Conferences – there are conferences being held all around, all the time. Plug into one of these organizations. Pitch an idea for a seminar or presentation. Be professional. Start small and work your way up.

    Seminars – set up your own seminar at your home or at another (neutral) location. Offer your expertise. Invite others to offer their expertise. You can also do this as an online event (or maybe combine the two together).

    Groups and Organizations – let the writing groups, books clubs, civic organizations and others in your area know about your career path and how you want to share with others. Just getting the word out to these groups can start a snowball of appearances.

Get out there. Let others hear what you have to say. Let others see what you are doing. Let others become aware of where you are and where you are going. Create relationships through these appearances to grow your success and along the way discover how getting out there will grow expertise in the industry.

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