Having to Do Keeps Me from Not Doing

This is one of those days when I don’t seem to be able to get my mind in gear.  Sleep was fine – and I got plenty of it.  The house wasn’t trashed when I got up, so I didn’t start the day behind.  The weather is even nice.

I would like to blame the days – they are getting shorter you know (probably caused by global warming), but the truth is I run into this situation every now and then.  It’s particularly familiar when things have been running smoothly and right on track.  Then comes the day when I just can’t get going, so I don’t.  Things fall behind, projects are overdue, and my muse feels neglected.

Today is not a day that I can stay in a rut.  I have to get it together because I have company coming in just a few hours.  Before then, I need to straighten the house (the regularly scheduled maintenance activities) and finish my work.  There isn’t time to sit around psyching myself up so that I don’t sit around.  Maybe that is the key – always have something planned that involves other people and then I don’t have an excuse for NOT doing.

And the wheel just keeps on spinning. . .

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