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Making Time for Family Is a Blessing

Making time for family will bring more blessings than I could ever imagine. It could be a special moment or comment from one of the children, or a scene that the whole family shares. Whatever the blessing, you will miss you if you don’t take the time.

Simple Ways for Making Time

Two weeks ago, I became determined to say no to my children less. Instead of not having the time or being too busy, I wanted to play a game or throw the ball or shoot the hoops. Maybe it wouldn’t be able to happen every day, and maybe not every time they might ask, but I was firm in my decision that the yes responses would far outweigh the no responses.

The older boys and I played three rounds of Clue today while the baby was napping. We also spent some time on the playground after naptime was up. After dinner, I figured it was mommy time. Unfortunately, daddy eats slower than me, so I agreed to take the baby outside for a walk.

We were down by the picnic tables when he started to point and jump up and down. I ducked out of reflex (I have an older brother and growing up when someone would point and scream it meant something is coming at my head). It’s a good thing my reflexes are so good. There was something flying right at me and it would have barreled right into me otherwise.

It was a bird. It almost touched my head before swooping up into the tree next to my oldest son. And it wasn’t just any bird. It was a young, red-tailed hawk.

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For the next ten minutes, the whole family watched this young hawk fly from tree to pole and around again. It got so close at times that it was like we could reach out and touch it. It was a delight for young and old alike.

Next time your children want to spend time with you, take the time. Even if nothing out of the ordinary or super amazing does happen, being a family will be a blessing all its own.

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