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  • I am learning that we do what we practice. The more that I give up on–running, writing, cleaning, etc. the easier it will be to give up and quit in the future. Keep moving towards your goals.

  • Thank you for stopping by my blog. I’m enjoying reading yours! These are some excellent thoughts. I get bogged down because my husband suffers from depression and it makes it so hard for me. I want to make it about me, but it isn’t. I have to accept that nothing I do will make that go away, but I still can be a better wife!

  • We have the tendency to expect too much of ourselves don’t we? Be all things to all men, in our case our family. Be perfect mom, be perfect wife, etc. A close girlfriend once gave me one of the best advice ever, I have to take good care of myself first. Happy mommy, wife = happy home. My hubby would rather buy dinner and come home to a happy wife (and kids) even if it’s messy. Then again, hubby has rather low standards when it comes to spick and span!

  • I triy so hard to be a good wife but sometimes it seems to be unattainable. I try to keep the house clean, laundry done, take care of the the kids, make sure my husband has everything he needs for work, and work 3 12 hour shifts a week. Am I selifsh to think that I could have one day without the children fighting or my husband getting upset with over something that at times I don’t even know what we are fighting about? I need one thing to be happy….love. That’s it! Ask me how my day was, walk in the house and give me a hug… me in the morning and tell me you love…. Is this truly to much to ask?????

  • I do try to be the wife and mother that they need. It has been 10 years of the same thing over and over. Good days house tip top, yard work all done, food on the table, homework finished, happy wife day……….Bad days………….well its not a good day. I find myself having them more and more. I’m tried of being the nag, or the B%*^! ….. Thats not how we started. Being home for 10 + years I feel like what is there for me? Yes i have 2 wonderful kids a very smart successful husband. If i want something most of the time i can have it………..But then there is neglect ..who wants that? And this has been going on for about 7 years I try to tell him how I’m feeling that is where nag comes in so after a wile i just give up. Now I find myself talking to someone who is a male. But there is NO SEX involved
    he talks to me about what he is feeling with his family and I talk to him. We tell each other how to handle somethings and at the end of our conversation I feel happy. I think some people may think that this is wrong.. AND IF IT IS WRONG WHY DOES IT MAKE ME SO HAPPY?

  • Just Me,

    I think that we have all been where you are as far as feeling empty in our roles. The answer is not with another man. My best friend from college is a guy, but I would NEVER take my problems to him about my husband. There are a few, trusted female friends that I might talk with, but that is all. If I MUST talk to someone, then I take it to God. He always has the right answer (even if it’s one I don’t want to hear).

    The truth is that you are the only one responsible for your feelings. It’s not your husband’s job to make you happy or satisfied. Instead of worrying about what he is or isn’t doing, try finding out where your lack of satisfaction is coming from.